Spring Striped Bass Tournament

In light of both the COVID crisis and the current data showing striped bass are overfished, as well as the size limitations on retained fish, the spring bass tournament will be a release tournament which will eliminate any contact between entrants and weigh dock staff.  The tournament rules are being promulgated and will be available on the website.  Highlights include:

ALL members are automatically entered in the tournament.  Entrants will call in their fishing day prior to leaving the dock.  Prizes will be awarded for the 3 largest fish by length.  There will be no calcuttas.  Please continue to check the website for the rules and updates

Spring Striped Bass Tournament

Weigh Slip/Picture Submittal Time Change

The Spring Striped Bass Tournament Weigh Slip/Picture submittal deadline is changed to 7:30 PM.

As such, Tournament Rule 9.f. is revised to the following:

The deadline for submitting Weigh Slips/Pictures for awards consideration is 7:30 PM on each day of the tournament.



PositionEntrantBoat NameLength
1stKen RastallCHRISTINE49.5"
2ndBrian HeuerKIMBIE II48"
3rdBrian HeuerKIMBIE II48"
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